Laundry Tracker

Students are able to go online and check the availability of washers and dryers in their building without having to leave their room with a new system called Laundry Tracker. Additionally, you can even have a text or e-mail sent to you when your load is done or when a machine is available. 

Start using Laundry Tracker today by following these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Laundry Tracker 
  • If prompted for a password, enter "lowell" (without the quotes) 
  • On the left, choose the building/laundry room 
  • On the right, all washers and dryers will be displayed with their associated status 
  • To get notifications, click on the text or e-mail button on the far right

For any issues with Laundry Tracker or any laundry machine, please contact Automatic Laundry at 800-422-5833 or on-line at Automatic Laundry.