Parking Decals & Permits

Permits for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities should apply for Disabled Parking Placard/License Plate with your state's Registry of Motor Vehicles (link to Massachusetts RMV). You must also register with UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) so that we can modify your UCard to grant you access to all parking lots. You will not need a UMass Lowell hang-tag as disabled license plates override the need for one, but you must provide proof to our office with a photocopy, fax or e-mail of your permit. 

Please note that disabled placard or license plate permits you to park in any diabled parking space on campus, but does not permit you to park in non-disabled spaces per your parking decal. This is persuant to Massachusetts General Law, and more information about this is described in section 7 on the following RMV FAQ:

Temporary Disabilities for Students

Those students with temporary disabilities should go to the UCAPS office with documentation from your doctor so that we can issue you a temporary Disabled Permit. Temporary Disabled tags are valid for no more than three months. Additionally, we can accept confirmation notices from Disability Services.

If you are unable to come in to the UCAPS office you can fax your doctor's note and vehicle registration to 978-934-4004 and follow up with a call to 978-934-2800. We will mail the hang-tag to you.

Temporary Disabilities for Faculty/Staff

All accommodations for temporary disabilities involving faculty and staff must go through the Equal Opportunity and Outreach (EOO) Office. 

Faculty and staff should contact Donna Vieweg at 978-934-3566 or Rebecca Hall at 978-934-3563. 

Disabled Parking Locations

For a list of all disabled spaces across campus, visit our Parking Locations for Persons with Disabilities page.