Parking Decals & Permits

2015-2016 Decal Options & Costs

Please reference the tables below to determine the cost of your decal. All student decals expire on May 31 and cannot be purchased for just the fall semester. However, students that graduate, withdraw, transfer or otherwise leave the university may return their decal along with a refund form for a partial refund. Faculty and Staff decals expire on August 31.

Quarterly prorations are available. Decals are 3/4 price on November 1, 1/2 price on January 1, and 1/4 price on April 1.

University Pro-Cards and Operational Funds may not be used to pay for parking decals.

Clicking on a decal type will display which lots you may park in.

Student Options and Costs

All second decals for students are $20 and cannot be ordered online. Please visit our office for a second decal. Decals are not required for students to park in the summer (June - August) or after 3:30 p.m in the Upperclass Commuter Surface Lots(Riverside Lot A, Riverside Lot B, and the Broadway/Riverview Lot).

Decal Type

Full Year

(beginning August 1)

Half Year

(beginning January 1)

Students Accepted in the 2015-2016 Academic Year $450 $225
Students Accepted in the 2014-2015 Academic Year $420 $210
Students Accepted prior to 2014-2015 Academic Year $367 $183
Continuing Education Students Accepted in the 2015-2016 Academic Year $450 $225
Continuing Education Students Accepted in the 2014-2015 Academic Year $420 $210
Continuing Education Students Accepted prior to 2014-2015 Academic Year $367 $183

Students classified as readmitted (leaving the University for a semester or longer) are subject to rate corresponding to their term of return.  For example, if a student was admitted in fall 2013, left in spring 2014, and came back in fall 2014, they would be charged the fall 2014 rate.

Employee Options and Costs FOR 2015 - 2016

Benefited employees are required to enroll in a pre-taxed payroll deduction for 24 pay periods beginning September 1. Non-benefited employees are required to pay by credit card online, or by cash, check or credit card in our office.

All additional decals for employees are provided at no cost up to three vehicles.

Decal Type Full Year Pay Period Cost**
Cabinet Members $1,100 $45.83
Cumnock Designated $1,100 $45.83
Wannalancit Preferred $500 $20.83
University Crossing Preferred $500 $20.83
Department Chairs $300 $12.50
Benefited Faculty $300 $12.50
Benefited Staff $300 $12.50
Emeritus Faculty* $150 N/A
Non-Benefited Staff $150 N/A
Retired Staff $150 N/A
Adjunct Faculty* $80 $3.08 (26 pay periods)

* Adjunct Faculty and Emeritus Faculty may also opt to pay $300 and gain access to all faculty/staff lots, including Costello/Pinanski, subject to Provost approval.

** Over 24 pay periods unless otherwise noted.