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Access Control System Upgrade

ACS Upgrade Overview:

As part of an ongoing effort to make UMass Lowell's community more safe and secure, the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) Office is performing a major upgrade to the campus Access Control System (ACS).

The current system, Millennium Enterprise, has been at the University since 1998 and started as an exterior card access system for the residence halls. Over the past 14 years, the system has grown into a full-fledge program that secures the majority of our buildings exterior doors, residence halls, computer labs and parking gates. As we continue to grow the system, it has become inherently clear that more integration with surveillance cameras and intrusion alarm systems is needed, as well as offer more robust features and greater expediency.

Over the course of June and July 2012, UCAPS is replacing the entire system to better prepare the entire campus and new Police Dispatch Center for the future.

New System and Upgrade Timeline

Over the course of the past year, a sub-committee of the Police Chief's Advisory Board met to review the needs of the campus and has decided to move to Lenel OnGuard which will meet the vision of today and the future. Most importantly, the Police Dispatch Center will no longer need to have several utilities and monitors to respond to issues across campus, and all card access, video surveillance and intrusion systems will be directed to one consolidated system.

The Lenel conversion will occur to all buildings on the following schedule:

June 26Allen House
June 26Coburn Hall
June 26South Dining Hall
June 26Weed Hall
June 27Mahoney Hall
June 27O'Leary Library
June 27Concordia/Sheehy Hall
June 28Dugan Hall
June 29Aiken Street (Perkins Lot)
June 29Ames Textile
June 29Campus Recreation Center
June 29Tsongas Center
July 2Cumnock Hall
July 2Eames Hall
July 2Lydon Library
July 3Ball Hall
July 9Costello Athletic Center
July 10North Quad (Southwick, Pasteur, Falmouth, Kitson and Perry Halls)
July 11Fox Hall
July 11Inn & Conference Center (ICC)
July 12Pinanski Hall
July 13Costello Athletic Center
July 16McGauvran Student Union
July 17Olsen Hall
July 18Bourgeois Hall
July 19Olney Hall Floors B, 1, 2
July 20Olney Hall Floors 3, 4, 5
July 23Durgin Hall
July 24Wannalancit Business Center (Cabot and Suffolk)
July 25Bourgeois Hall
July 25Leitch Hall
TBABellegarde Boat House

For frequently asked questions and information on the ACS upgrade, please see our FAQ page.

UCard Upgrades

In addition to replacing our ACS, we are also looking to upgrade the physical cards across campus. Currently, the University primarily uses an older technology that has certain limitations and is more costly to purchase. Over the next few years, we plan to upgrade all UCards to an expandable iClass solution which offers more security and options for the future.

This upgrade will be performed in two phases: replacing the readers and replacing the UCards. Most cards that have been printed after 2007 already have the newer technology, but all cards before this will eventually need to be replaced.

For frequently asked questions and information on the UCard upgrade, please see our FAQ page.