Congratulations to the 2014 Supervisory Leadership Development Program Graduates

By Lauren Turner

In June, the following individuals completed a six-course Supervisory Leadership Development Program (SLDP) hosted by the Human Resources and Equal Opportunity & Outreach department. This program offered these individuals in-depth learning tips and techniques to establish or enhance the broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities required to become an effective supervisor/manager. Congratulations and thanks for your participation.


Julie Alig
Sarah Beaulieu
Tricia Ciampa
Nancy Desjardins
Brenda Dumont
Adam Dunbar
Andrew Gatesman
Rachel Iversen
Brandon Kelly
Sumudu Lewis
Heather Makrez
Bill McDevitt
Lori McKiel
Monica Rodriguez
Joy Schmelzer
Haley Warringer

For more information, visit the WLD website.