Tutoring Services and Disability Services Professionals Team Up at Regional Confererences

By Suzanne Gamache

Jody Goldstein and Suzanne Gamache recently presented sessions on peer tutoring for students with learning disabilities at two regional conferences. Jody is the director of Disability Services, and Suzanne is the coordinator of Tutoring Services and Strategies for Success Program at the Centers for Learning & Academic Support Services.

During the fall semester, they presented a session entitled “Meeting the Academic Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities” at the 30th annual LAANE Conference at Greenfield Community College. LAANE (Learning Assistance Association of New England) is the regional chapter of NADE (National Association of Developmental Education).  The theme of the LAANE conference was "Partnerships and Pairings for Student Success and Retention." 

At UMass Lowell, the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services' Tutoring Center has partnered with the Office of Disabilities Services to establish a protocol for referring students with learning disabilities for one-on-one tutoring. The presentation included embedded videos of students who are working with tutors and the impact the tutoring sessions are having on their academic experiences.

More recently they presented at the CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) Northeast Chapter spring conference at Regis College. Their session entitled “Individual Tutoring Sessions for Students with Learning Disabilities” included discussion of the benefits of this referral system for both students and peer tutors. They shared with attendees examples of training topics that provide techniques tutors find helpful when working with students with different learning styles.