Xerox Device Manager (XDM) Integration on the Way

By Thomas Miliano

In a recent review, representatives from each UMass campus recognized that across the UMass system there were copier and multi-function devices from nine different manufacturers, sold by at least seven different vendors. This was recognized as inefficient and consequently led the University system to conduct a comprehensive print management bid, seeking a company to provide managed services and cost-effective multi-functional devices to meet the University system’s goals.

The contract was awarded to the Xerox Corporation and all new Multi-Function Printer/Copiers implemented are now done under this lease agreement. This contract does not affect the copiers currently leased from another vendor until that lease expires. Current vendors will continue to service their equipment until lease termination.

Consequently, the University is implementing a new strategic print management tool for all Xerox office devices. Xerox Device Manager or XDM will enable the University to work with its vendor/partner (Xerox) on a number of key strategic initiatives being implemented through our Office Services and Purchasing Departments.

XDM will enable the University to:
• Automate meter collection, to ensure proper Xerox billing
• Reduce calls to Xerox and improve uptime – as Xerox will be aware of issues sooner
• Enable remote troubleshooting and device management for all machines leased from Xerox
• Discover equipment on the network: new, unexpectedly disconnected, or moved
• Management of print device queues, enabling default features such as double-sided or black/white printing.

This will enable the University to continue its initiative to optimize equipment, migrate volume to effective equipment, allow for better asset placement on campus and hopefully save significant costs.

Over the next few weeks Chris Protonotarios from the Office Services Department will continue to arrange appointments to convert the Xerox devices to this program. The changeover will put your machine “off-line” for approximately an hour or two during the switch. We are coordinating the changes with Xerox and our IT Department so your flexibility in scheduling is appreciated. Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

If you have any questions please contact or, manager of Office Services.