Parking Policy Changes for Faculty/Staff

By Thomas Miliano

The University’s Parking Committee, comprised of representatives from a cross-section of campus, carefully considered a number of policy change recommendations for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Summary of Policy Changes

The Executive Cabinet has approved the following policy changes, effective Sept. 2, 2013:
• There are no changes to the parking lot assignments on North Campus.
• With the exciting completion of the South Campus Garage, the additional parking inventory provides us the opportunity to give faculty/staff exclusive use of the Coburn lot and Durgin lot. Students will no longer be permitted to park in these lots and will offer a net increase of 94 exclusive faculty/staff spaces on South Campus. The Wilder/Lovejoy lot will continue as an exclusive faculty/staff lot.
• The newly constructed South Garage and the Broadway/Riverview lot will be designated for upper-class commuters and south residents.
• The Fletcher Street parking lot (temporary access via Whiting Street) at University Crossing will be completed by Oct. 1 providing faculty/staff and visitor parking. University Crossing staff are welcome to park in the Tsongas Center Lot or any of the North or East Campus faculty/staff lots during the month of September.
• With the loss of the 1001 Pawtucket Boulevard Lot and low participation rate, the no-cost satellite option will no longer be available.

Carpooling: A Green Option

Carpool permits have been changed in order to offer additional convenience and savings for regular carpoolers. The University is proud to announce changes to the carpool program aimed at continuing the reduction of vehicles on campus and our carbon footprint:

• The price of the carpool permit will remain proportional to the full cost of a decal (i.e., if a group of two register for the program, each person will only pay half of the cost of a decal). In addition, each participating member of the carpool group will have $10 of UCash deposited onto their UCard after participating for half the year.
• Each person participating in the carpool program will now be permitted to order 16 temporary permits from the MyParking website per semester. This allows one individual trip to campus per week.
• The lower Mahoney lot, located between Mahoney Hall and the South Garage, will re-open as a designated carpool lot. Additional handicapped parking will also be available in the lower Mahoney lot. The previous spaces in Wilder and Broadway/Riverview will be relocated to this lot.

Parking Rates

Parking rates for the 2013-2014 academic year are as follows:
Cabinet Parking - $1,000/year*
Cumnock/Southwick Designated - $1,000/year*
Wannalancit Preferred - $350/year*
Department Chairs - $200/year*
Benefited Faculty/Staff - $200/year*
Non-Benefited Staff - $100/year
Adjunct Faculty - $80/year*

* All benefited employees and adjunct faculty are required to enroll in a pre-tax payroll deduction. This is deducted each pay period that the faculty/staff member is paid.

Any questions regarding the new policy can be directed to our office via e-mail at Many other helpful resources can be found at