University-wide Energy Efforts

UMass Lowell completes an annual GHG inventory to measure and track its emissions and progress toward its GHG reduction goals. 

State Leading by Example Program

UMass Lowell is committed to the Leading by Example program created by the state Executive Order 484. The program "sets aggressive targets for facilities owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, green buildings and water conservation." (Material courtesy of

Accelerated Energy Program (AEP)

The AEP will finance, through energy cost avoidance, $26M for 145 energy conservation projects. Projects will consist of various energy improvements to 33 campus buildings totaling about 2.8 million square feet. This program will reduce the overall campus energy by approximately 24% and provide a payback in approximately 14 years. The following information is in PDF format.
Read more about the Accelerated Energy Program.

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