Physics & Applied Physics


Colloquia: Spring 2014
Location: Ball 210 (unless noted otherwise)
Time: 3:30 p.m - refreshments in OLN 143; 4 p.m. - colloquium begins
Colloquia Coordinator: Professor Supriya Chakrabarti

January 22, 2014
Dr. Mark Swain (JPL/NASA)
"What Hubble spectroscopy is teaching us about exoplanets atmosphere and why we need a dedicated mission"

January 29, 2014
Dr. James Green (NASA HQ)
"NASA'S Solar System Exploration Paradigm: The First 50 Years and a look at the Next 50"

February 12, 2014
Professor Eric Wong (Harvard)
"Chemomimetic Effects of Intermediate Frequency Alternating Electric Fields: Another Crossroad of Physics and Cancer Treatment"

February 19, 2014
Professor Seth Hubbard (Rochester Inst. of Technology)
"Single and Multi-junction Quantum Dot Solar Cells."

February 26, 2014
Professor Rhett Allain (SE Louisiana University)
"Internet Inspired Physics Models."

March 12, 2014
Professor Craig Laramee (SUNY Binghamton)

March 26, 2014

Dr. Matthew Devlin (Los Alamos National Lab)
"Basic and Applied Neutron at LANSCE."

April 9, 2014

Professor Andrey Kravstov (Univ. of Chicago)
"Order out of chaos: modelling galaxy formation in the cosmological context."

April 16, 2014
Professor Rashid Zia (Brown University)

April 23, 2014
Professor Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard)
"Bioimaging at the nanoscale --  Single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy"