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"Establishing the Foundation of Physical Insight for Emerging Technologies in Every Student"


Development efforts spanning several decades have established the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Physics Department as a leader in materials science, device-fabrication techniques and source/detection technologies. Our faculty direct externally funded centers and conduct pioneering, cutting-edge research in nuclear physics, radiation science, terahertz technologies, advanced materials, photonics device fabrication techniques, and biomedical photonics applications. 

Housing a 5.5-megavolt Van de Graaf accelerator along with a 1-megawatt research reactor (one of only 26 in the country), UMass Lowell's Radiation Laboratory remains a unique facility for government- and corporate-sponsored nuclear research. The department's nuclear physics and radiological science programs have benchmark academic and research activities in heavy-ion spectroscopy, radiation protection and medical physics.

With our philosophy of "Establishing the Foundation of Physical Insight for Emerging Technologies in Every Student," our faculty continue to search for and recruit select groups of students interested in continuing their studies in the aforementioned areas of research. 

Robert H. Giles, Ph.D.

Department of Physics and Applied Physics

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