Physics & Applied Physics


Radiation Laboratory 
Co-Directors Dr. Partha Chowdhury and Dr. Christopher (Kim) Lister

The Radiation Laboratory supports a variety of funded research, mainly in applied physics areas where the availability of high fluxes of gamma rays and neutrons of energies from thermal to 10 MeV are unique and allow a wide range of material damage studies in detectors, circuits, and biological and medical systems. The UMass Lowell Radiation Laboratory contains a 5.5-MV Van de Graaff accelerator, a 1-MW research reactor, a 100-kilocurie Co-60 gamma-ray source, and a fast-neutron irradiation facility.

Submillimeter-Wave Technology Lab
Director Dr. Robert Giles

The Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory houses microwave through IR spectrometers for design and characterization of material dielectric properties, a CO2 and far-IR laser magnetospectroscopy facility, and sub-millimeter wave compact ranges for electromagnetic scattering studies.

Photonics Center
Director Dr. William Goodhue

The Photonics Center's mission is to support regional industries and start-ups; train undergraduate and graduate students; perform industrial and governmental sponsored research; and form a core of design and fabrication technology to support various University initiatives requiring innovative semiconductor-based photonic and nanoelectronic device technologies.

Center for Advanced Materials 
Director Dr. Jayant Kumar

The Center for Advanced Materials has electron and atomic force microscopes and a full range of optical, X-ray and ion spectrometers. Using MBE systems, the Photonics Center makes and characterizes photonics and optoelectronics devices for optical systems, communications and computing applications. 

Heavy Ion Nuclear Spectroscopy (HI-SPIN) Program
Director Dr. Partha Chowdhury

The HI-SPIN program combines experiments at national heavy-ion accelerator facilities with sophisticated Unix/Linux based multi-parameter data acquisition and analysis stations on campus for nuclear structure studies via in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopic techniques.

Nanoscience and Technology Laboratory
Director Dr. Mengyam Shen

The Nanoscience and Techology Lab investigates various properties of nanoscience materials and mesoscopic systems for potential applications. The Lab possesses an intense femtosecond pulsed laser system and different instruments for sample fabrications and measurements.

Advanced Biophotonics Laboratory
Director Dr. Anna Yaroslavsky

Advanced Biophotonics Laboratory develops optical technologies for biological and medical applications, as well as experimental and analytical methods for biological tissue characterization.

Multiscale Photonics Laboratory
Director Dr. Viktor Podolskiy

Multiscale photonics laboratiry develops computational and analytical methods to understand optical properties of nanocomposites, metamaterials, plasmonic nano- and microstructures, and microresonators.