Physics & Applied Physics

Medical Physics Faculty

University of Massachusetts Lowell -- Department of Physics and Applied Physics
Erno Sajo Professor and Director, Graduate Coordinator of Medical Physics
Clayton S. French Professor, Graduate Coordinator of Radiological Sciences
Mark Tries Associate Professor
Anna Yaroslavsky Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty at Cooperating Hospitals and Clinics

Frank Ascoli Chief of Physics, Shields Health Care Group
Gabor Menyhart Chief of Physics, Cape Cod Hospital
Herbert Mower Chief of Physics, Lahey Clinic
Wilfred Ngwa Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women Hospital
Mark Rivard Chief of Physics, Tufts University Medical Center
Joao Seco Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital
Hendrik Pretorius Professor of Clinical Physics, UMass Medical School, Worcester
Sheri Weintraub Chief of Physics, Southcoast Hospitals Group
Eric T. Wong Associate Professor, Director of Brain Tumor Center, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center