Physics and Applied Physics

Tom Gaskill

Tom Gaskill received his B.S. Applied Physics from University of Lowell in 1987 with a concentration in Earth Science he went on to receive his M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction of Science also from University of Lowell in 1988. He is now the Science Department Head at Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, Mass.

"I am a teacher of Physics, Technology, and Earth Sciences at a college preparatory private boarding high school for students with learning difficulties.  I like to say I spend my day playing with kids and toys which is what it seems like to me but in reality I provide experiences for students to build their knowledge of the world around them and to practice skills to interact with mathematics, materials, technology, and people to prepare them for their contributions to our society.  I teach 6 classes a day and have some evening and weekend responsibilities, since it is a boarding school, which involve everything from covering study hall, to taking museum trips, to my robotics club, and every now and then a school trip to foreign lands for a real cultural experience.  I work only 37 weeks a year and am an extreme gardener and artist in the off season, a continuing education student to update my knowledge and also a teacher of other teachers at conferences and institutes to share my experience in teaching the most challenging and interesting students that I encounter in my work.  I also am the Massachusetts Association of Science Teacher’s, Worcester County Science Educator of the Year for 2011.  My experiences at Lowell as a Physics major was critical in my preparation in working with equipment and ideas that I now use daily.  Thank you to my teachers at U Lowell for preparing me for my contributions to society." -Gaskill