Why Robotics

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In today's world there is a considerable demand in industry for individuals with an expertise in robotics. This includes regional robotics companies such as iRobot and Segway, and companies focusing on defense applications, industrial manufacturing, and medical devices. Robotics is becoming increasingly common and beneficial in a wide variety of purposes ranging from search and rescue to assisting the disabled.

why-robotics_01_optRobotics is truly interdisciplinary, involving expertise from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and many other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) -related fields.

In Fall 2010, UMass Lowell created the Robotics minor to better prepare students for careers involving robotics. This allows for more students in different areas of study to get the education they need to work in this exciting, ever-evolving field.

The minor is designed so that students choose Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical & Computer Engineering as their home department. Students complete a full bachelor's degree in one of these majors and add the minor to their program of choice. However, the minor is not limited to CS, ME, and why-robotics_02_optECE majors. All science and engineering majors are also eligible.

For more about our academic program in robotics, please see About the Robotics Minor.