Robotics Minor

Robotics Minor for Mechanical Engineering Majors

Mechanical Engineering (ME) students take foundational courses in computing and computer engineering to prepare for the upper level courses that comprise the minor.

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Robotics Minor Coordinator for ME: Yannis Raptis
For the latest course information please consult the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

The course package for ME students is as follows:

  1. Application Programming or Computing I (required extra)
  2. Logic Design (required extra)
  3. Microprocessors Systems Design I or Assembly Language Programming (required extra)
  4. Statics (in major)
  5. Dynamics (in major)
  6. Mobile Robots I (technical elective for major)
  7. Dynamics of Robotics (technical elective for major)
  8. Robotics Elective (technical elective for major)  — see Course Listings
Important note:not all classes are not offered every semester. Please contact the Robotics coordinator in Mechanical Engineering to help plan your minor.


  • 3 extra courses
  • 4 out of department courses