Robotics Minor

Robotics Minor for Computer Science Majors

The CS curriculum has three free and two technical electives. Students may use these electives to incorporate the courses. Thus, no course overload is required.

arrow_optComputer Science (CS) majors are required to take Physics I + Lab to satisfy four of their twelve Natural Science Elective units. We also urge CS majors to take Physics II + Lab for another four Natural Science units. CS majors take two courses in Mechanical Engineering, and three in Electrical Engineering.

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Robotics Minor Coordinator for CS: Holly Yanco For the latest course information please consult the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

The course package for CS students is as follows:

  1. Computing I (in major)
  2. Logic Design (in major)
  3. Assembly Language Programming (in major) or Microprocessors Systems Design I
  4. Statics (technical elective for major)
  5. Dynamics (technical elective for major)
  6. Mobile Robots I (in major)
  7. Dynamics of Robotics (technical elective for major)
  8. Robotics Elective (technical elective for major) — see Course Listings — if you take Mobile Robots II, it will also complete your Project Sequence in the CS major.

Important note: not all classes are not offered every semester. Please contact the Robotics coordinator in Computer Science to help plan your minor.


  • No extra courses required
  • Five out of department courses