Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace

Nursing can be a very rewarding profession, however, it can also be extremely stressful both physically and emotionally. One of many causes is job strain, a work condition where nurses experience high job demands but low control over the work environment. Read more...
Correctional officers are at high risk for health issues. CPH-NEW and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center convened a national group of experts to find solutions that will prevent illness and advance the health of this high-risk population.
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Check out our new online toolkit that helps organizations implement successful worksite health, safety and wellness programs. Researchers at CPH-NEW designed and field tested all of the materials and tools in the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program that engage employees at all levels in the design of integrated interventions. Learn more.
Assoc. Prof. Manuel Cifuentes of the Work Environment Department at UMass Lowell is testing the use of treadmills and sit-to-stand electric desks as promising solutions to help people stay healthy, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle that can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and more. Learn more.

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