Undergraduate: Explore Music

Music and Sound Recording

Wesley Moore '13

“In my UMass Lowell research co-op I work with Durgin Hall's technical director Corbin Lewis under supervision of Dr. John Shirley, the Chair of the Music Department. Durgin Hall's concert hall hosts many events, which often require sound reinforcement, and I am responsible for running sound. As well as mixing, I also assist with setting up and breaking down the sound equipment before and after each event. Aside from this, I also help with research for a permanent install of a sound reinforcement system in Durgin's concert hall. Overall, I have enjoyed the experience greatly, as I have been able to have fun while building even more experience in a field I am very passionate about, audio engineering.”

Matthew Sowersby '12

"For my research co-op with Dr. Alan Williams I am examining the potential for “non-traditional” musicians to make a living by performing and whether this can become a sustainable form of income for such artists. Part of this project requires me to plot fictional tours, taking into account the various expenses associated with life on the road. A point of focus in my research is the opportunity house concerts present, which we feel has not been fully tapped into. I am glad to be researching a topic that is so relevant to my goals as a classical guitarist." Matthew is currently a junior majoring in Music Performance and Music Business, and in addition to his research at UMass Lowell, he is gaining real world experience managing his own guitarist business that he advertises on the Web (http://matthewsowersby.com/). Matthew is both a passionate teacher and performer "with a lyrical approach to his instrument."

Elizabeth Farmosa '11

Elizabeth Farmosa transferred to UMass Lowell and completed the Music Department’s sound recording technology degree in three years. She is an honors student, and her presentation at this event is part of her senior research. Elizabeth began looking at the “development of piano sonatas over time” during a music history class. "I became interested in the sonata form and liked how it came together,” she says. "So I decided to look at it more in-depth.” Elizabeth's research paper will show the development and standardization of sonata form while proving how these composers were influential. Elizabeth plays the viola. She is excited to graduate this May.