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Arts and Humanities

Katti Veiga '14

"I'm a sophomore in the Commonwealth Honors Program working on graduating early. My experience working as a Co-op Scholar with the Merrimack Valley Food Co-Operative (MVFC) over the summer of 2012 was fantastic. Originally I was planning to do something related to my major, English with literature as a concentration, or my minor, Education, but instead I ended up working on something completely unrelated: a project dealing with food issues. The MVFC is an effort to start up a cooperatively-owned grocery store in the Merrimack Valley, particularly in Lawrence. I got to research demographic information, possible meeting locations in the surrounding community, and how to write MOUs and statements of need. I also worked on creating an informational packet about co-ops and the MVFC specifically, and creating and designing various posters. Going into this internship, I knew nothing about co-ops. Interning for MVFC gave me the opportunity to learn about this completely different branch of our culture and see some of the food related issues in the surrounding area. A community-owned cooperative such as MVFC can take five to seven years to get off the ground; becoming fully established and actually opening its doors. Currently the MVFC is in its second year, so I was fortunate to experience first-hand some of the hard work and different efforts that go into moving an idea of a co-op into something tangible. Taking part in the UMass Lowell co-op was a unique experience and opportunity that I would not have had anywhere else."

Stephanie McGrath '12

“I am a senior in the Commonwealth Honors Program, currently working on my undergraduate thesis. My major is English Literature, with minors in Theatre Arts and Gender Studies. The experience I have had as a co-op student has been a useful and enlightening journey. I have had the joy of working closely with Prof. Nancy Selleck and Prof. Shelley Barish as the marketing intern for the Theatre Arts Program throughout this academic year. The position has given me the opportunity to learn and work with professionals and will help me with my future in graduate school.”

Tyler Potvin '12

“My experience as an intern for the Theater Arts program this year has been an amazing experience. As a technical theater intern, I have worked closely with the theater arts faculty attending meetings about the upcoming season of shows, and production meetings for the shows that were in production. I worked extensively with Prof. Shelley Barish in the scene shop, building sets for shows, painting, and learning to use more complicated tools in order to make more intricate scenery. I have learned a lot about the business aspect of putting on a production through meetings with other interns. A fantastic experience for all those who wish to be involved in Theater professionally.”

Diane Shugrue '11

"My research project was on Recycled Wedding Attire. The tradition of sewing is coupled with the contemporary, non-textile material plastic to create garments that could be worn by members of an American wedding party. Typically, most wedding and bridesmaid dresses are worn for a single event, the wedding. The recycled plastics used in the construction of these garments are mainly from discarded bags. The history of Lowell’s textile mills combines with plastics to create a contemporary look for an institution (marriage) that itself seems disposable. I was inspired by the non-traditional materials and the idea of recycling. This project began as a children’s fabric book and was transformed by my passion using non-traditional materials in design."