String Project

Mission Statement of the UMass Lowell String Project and Youth Orchestra

The UMass Lowell String Project and Youth Orchestra is a vanguard music education initiative designed to achieve four major outcomes.


  1. We provide high-quality stringed-instrument instruction and creative music classes to Lowell Public School students. 
  2. We encourage participants to cultivate a lifelong love of the performing arts.
  3. Project participants will experience firsthand how music builds positive relationships with peers and the community. 
  4. The Project offers University students the opportunity to become effective music teachers while equipping them with the necessary experience and skills required of community leaders.

What we do:

While learning to play stringed instruments, students discover how music can build positive relationships with their peers and within their community. The String Project is a member of the National String Project Consortium, which is composed of 42 other String Projects located at major universities around the country.

Please visit our Facebook page to see photos and videos of the String Project and to keep up to date on what we're doing.