Institute for Visualization & Perception Research


Past Doctoral Students 

Dr. Mary Beth Smrtic (2012) - Providing a Path to Understanding Complex Data ad Visualizations

Dr. Alex Baumann (2011) - The Design and Implementation of Weave: A Session State-Driven, Web-based Visualization Framework

Dr. Shawn Konecni (2011) - Scenario Design for Evaluation of Visual Analytics Tools to Support Biomedical Research

Dr. Fanhai Yang (2010) - A New Architecture for Collaborative Session History and Interactions

Dr. Brian Drohan (2010) - Visual Analytics for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Dr. John Sharko (2010) - Vectorized RadViz Theory and Applications to Newt & Mouse Microarrays

Dr. Shaun Morrissey (2009) - Real-time Visual Representation of Firewall/Security Rules Sets

Dr. Hongli Li (2009) - A Canonical Visual  Adjacency Matrix for Graphs

Dr. Jianping Zhou (2007) - Partition and cluster result comparisons 

Dr. Chih-Hung Chiang (2007) - Modeling, predicting and visualizing user interactions 

Dr. Howard Goodell (2006) - An architecture to support the co-exploration of data and history

Dr. Alex Gee (2004) - A universal visualization platform

Dr. Ivan Galkin (2004) - A pre-attentive vision model for automated data exploration applied to space plasma  remote sensing data

Dr. Urska Cvek (2004) - Visual and analytic tools for record level cluster analysis

Dr. Marjan Trutschl (2002) - SOMn: Constrained self-organizing maps for exploration and feature extraction

Dr. Claudio Meneses (2002) - Visual and analytic data mining of massive data sets

Dr. Patrick Hoffman (1999) - Table visualizations: a formal model and its applications

Dr. David Pinkney (1999) - A framework for iconographics: a formal model of icons, interactions and interpolation

Dr. Robert Erbacher (1998) - Visual assistance for concurrent processing

Dr. John Peter Lee (1998) - A systems process model for database exploration

Dr. Jose G Annunziato (1998) - Avatars and virtual worlds

Dr. Lusheng Xu (1996) - Color appearance models for color reproduction in graphic arts

Dr. Jerome Braun (1996) - Speech processing and natural language integration in human-information interaction systems

Dr. David Southard (1995) - Vector quantization and nearest neighbor clustering with applications to image compression and data visualization

Dr. Krishnan Seetharaman (1994) - Interaction models for multi-sensory data visualization 

Dr. Weidong Wang (1992) - On the automatic reconstruction of a 3D object's constructive solid geometry representation from its 2D projection line drawing

Dr. Hugh Masterman (1992) - Modeling and exploiting k-sequential data reference behavior in graphics and image processing algorithms