Research at UMass Lowell - Funding Opportunities

Internal Seed Funding Opportunities

The Vice Provost for Research office is now accepting proposals for 2015 seed grants.  

The objective of this year's internal seed grants is to support faculty:
  • in generating preliminary results and supporting innovative ideas leading to external funding and long-term success;
  • in generating high quality scholarship and creative work leading to external recognition and long-term success;
  • in developing multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative efforts leading to sustainable research and scholarship.
The budget for submitted proposals should not exceed $10,000. Please see guidelines for complete proposal requirements: Guidelines for 2015 Internal Seed Grants (pdf).

Proposals are due by February 20, 2015 and should be emailed to with the attached cover sheet: 2015 Internal Seed Grant Cover Sheet (doc).

External Funding Opportunities

Below are the solicitations for the 2015 Creative Economy Initiatives Fund and Science and Technology Initiatives Fund from the President’s office. Please note the internal deadlines for submission (this will allow time for review and feedback):

Creative Economy Initiatives Fund

The University of Massachusetts President's Office is pleased to announce the 2015 Creative Economy Initiatives Fund. Established in 2007, and intended to complement the President's Science and Technology Initiatives Fund, the Creative Economy Fund represents a continued commitment to maintaining the University's central role in the social and economic development of the Commonwealth and directly supports the strategic goals of strengthening and expanding the University's research and service contributions.

The President's Creative Economy Initiatives Fund is intended to provide funding to initiatives which support the contributions of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the social and cultural fabric of the Commonwealth. The CE Fund seeks to produce immediate benefits to the communities served, make broader contributions to the cultural resources and overall quality of life of the Commonwealth (thus making Massachusetts a more attractive location to live and invest), and raise the University's visibility and profile. Funding may be used to develop initiatives within a campus, with other campuses, or with partners outside the campus; to support the search for larger grants or follow-on awards; or to support research which informs local, state, national or international decision-making.  

Science and Technology Initiatives Fund

The University of Massachusetts President's Office is pleased to announce the 2015 Science and Technology (S&T) Initiatives Fund. The S&T Fund is a tool to catalyze research collaborations among UMass campuses and with other partners to create impact and economic engagement. It will provide resources to support well-established faculty who have a proven track record of securing external funding and who are positioned to attract major research and development funding opportunities for the University as part of an overall strategy to grow and strengthen the University's R&D enterprise. The intent of the program is to focus on areas of strategic importance to campus research and to the state and its Innovation Economy (e.g., clean energy, life sciences, IT and "big data," cyber security, advanced manufacturing, medical devices and the like). Key criteria also include catalyzing partnerships with other UMass campuses, other research institutions and Massachusetts Industry. It is expected that the Fund's portfolio of projects will attract over time significant new investment to the University. This includes not only sponsored research awards, but also funds for infrastructure development, technology licensing, revenues from industry-related services, and philanthropy.

UMCCTS Life Sciences Moment Fund

The University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS) is pleased to announce a funding call for the UMass Life Sciences Moment Fund (LSMF) 2014. The UMass LSMF supports projects that are inter-campus in orientation and directed towards life sciences projects related to clinical and translational research. Current and future projects supported by this fund are envisioned to advance the therapeutic, device, intervention, etc. under study along the translational pipeline. The fund serves to spur inter-campus collaboration and strengthen the University's research portfolio in clinical and translational research.  To support this mission, projects must include at least one investigator from the UMass Worcester campus and a collaborator from at least one of the other UMass campuses. By providing seed funding to outstanding faculty members, this fund facilitates the development of faculty-to-faculty networks with the University system, thereby leveraging the considerable expertise and resources that exist on the individual campuses. It is assumed that successful projects will attract additional funding from extramural sources.

If you are interested in submitting either a Creative Economy, Science & Technology, UMCCTS Life Sciences proposal, please submit your one paragraph letter of intent to Julie Chen, Ph.D. ( by Thursday, January 30, 2014.
The two page concept paper is due by February 21, 2013 to (after Vice-Provost Chen reviews your letter of intent).

OTCV (formerly CVIP) Technology Development Fund

The OTCV Technology Development Fund was established by OTCV in the President’s Office in 2004 to provide UMass researchers with supplemental funding to advance previously disclosed University technologies toward commercialization. The grant is intended to move technologies to the proof of concept stage or to allow the investigator to take other critical steps to make the technology attractive for licensing or other forms of commercialization. The Fund is NOT intended to support basic research, but rather close the gap between the research discovery and proven technology.

We are pleased to announce the annual solicitation for the OTCV Technology Development Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to assist faculty and the OTCV offices with the commercial development of important technologies discovered on our campuses. 

The Fund was initially created as part of the University’s science and technology activities and as part of OTCV’s desire to increase licensing income, startups, and entrepreneurism at UMass. This year as a result of funding by the State to the MTTC to create the Innovation Commercialization Seed Fund, the OTCV funding will be augmented with Phase 2 funding. The overall effort is now incorporated in the UMass Entrepreneurship Commons program which has the participation of the 5 campuses and the PO.

Similar to last year when we awarded 8 projects, our grants for FY15, Phase 1 awards will be $25,000 per project for direct project expense. Phase 2 awards will be a maximum of $40,000 per project. We encourage all interested University of Massachusetts researchers to apply.

For more information, please contact the Office of Commercial Ventures & Intellectual Property.