Grants & Awards

James Whitten , Chairman & Professor, Chemistry; Center for Advanced Materials, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence

The U.S. Army Research Office has awarded Prof. James Whitten a grant worth $345,000 over a period of three years to perform research on the photoluminescence of metal oxide nanoparticles measuring billionths of a meter.

Photoluminescence is the process in which light of one color (wavelength) shines on a material and causes it to emit light of a different color.

“My research team and I are measuring how the photoluminescence of certain nanomaterials, including metal oxides, changes when molecules adsorb, or stick, to them,” says Whitten, who is the chair of the Chemistry Department and the principal investigator for the Army project. “Some metal oxide nanomaterials are photoluminescent and react when exposed to gases.”