Grants & Awards

Bob Giles, Professor, Physics & Applied Physics; Chair/Director, Submillimeter Wave Technology Lab

UMass Lowell's Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory (STL) received a renewal grant from the U.S. Army for $23 million over five years to fund its program to "assist the government in acquiring and analyzing surveillance radar imagery."

For the past 30 years, the STL has been at the forefront of terahertz transmitter and receiver technologies and has pioneered the design and fabrication of broadband solid-state multiplier sources, high-power carbon dioxide and far-infrared lasers and laser/microwave hybrid systems. The Lab has developed and applied these technologies in the areas of military surveillance, homeland security, medical diagnostics and scientific and academic research.

Director of STL, Prof. Bob Giles, says the grant is "a testament to and recognition of our high level of expertise in the field. Our research is focused on using terahertz frequency sources and receivers to scale the Army’s millimeter-wave and microwave airborne radar systems.”

The grant represents one of the largest single awards received by the University.