Graduate Degree Programs

  1. "Database of Shallow Foundations on Undrained Soils," Abner M. Reis, Spring 08.
  2. “Performance Evaluation of a Large Scale Pile Load Testing Program In Light of Newly Developed LRFD Parameters”, Eric Thibodeau, Fall 04.
  3. "Settlement Evaluation of CFA Shafts;"Wisam Mualem; Summer 2004; graduate final project, Co-supervision with Prof. Sam Frydman, Department of CEE, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
  4. "The Performance of In Place Constructed Deep Foundations In Dynamic Testing," (completed project, credits as special topics), Erin Griffin, Fall 03
  5. “Drop Weight Dynamic Testing for Drilled Shafts” (completed project, credits as special topics), Zengxuan (Frank) Li, Summer 02
  6. “The Correlation Between Driven Pile Capacity Predictions at EOD using the Energy Approach and at BOR using CAPWAP”, Kevin O’Malley, Spring 2000
  7. “Development and Testing of Small Size Anchors for Quick Deployment Structures," George Saliby, Spring 1996
  8. “Evaluation and Remediation of Stiles Reservoir Dam, Leicester, MA;" Kevin Martin, Spring 1996
  9. “The Development of an Apparatus to Measure Arching of Granular Material," Joshua E. Lee, Fall 1994
  10. “Comparison Study of Load Test Evaluation Methods," Alberto Gala, Fall 1994
  11. “Design of Sheet Pile Retaining Walls“, Mark Gingiacomo, Fall 1993
  12. “Comparison between Physical and Engineering Properties of New England Glacial Till," Thomas Follett, Fall 1991
  13. “Experimental Study of Model Pile Plugging”, Mehrdad Mobed, Spring 1990
  14. “The Energy Approach Method for the Prediction of Pile Capacity”, John McDonnell, Spring 1990.