UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative Committees

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Climate Change Initiative Steering Committee

Mathew Barlow Environmental, Earth, & Atmospheric Science
Susan Gallagher Political Science
Ralph Jordan Management
Juliette Rooney-Varga (chair) Biological Sciences
Charlotte Ryan Sociology
Craig Slatin Community, Health, & Sustainability
Maragret Sobkowicz-Kline Plastics Engineering

Climate Change Initiative Curriculum Committee

Vanessa Gray Political Science
Charlotte Ryan (chair) Sociology
Wesley Savage Biological Sciences

Climate Change Initiative Seminar and Event Committee

William Mass (chair) Economic & Social Development of Regions
Phyllis Procter Community Partnerships
Juliette Rooney-Varga Biological Sciences
Wesley Savage Biological Sciences
We are growing - please be patient if you joined the CCI and are not yet listed here.