WindSTAR Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


The center's research projects are determined at the semi-annual center meeting of the industrial advisory board (IAB). The research thrusts are in any or all of the following six areas.
  • Composites and Blade Manufacturing
    • next generation materials, designs, and methods for turbine systems 
  • Foundations and Towers
    • higher towers, modeling and cost optimization, improved ground/soil assessment 
  • Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Inspection, & Testing
    • testing, monitoring, damage detection and prognosis, and maintenance throughout the lifecycle 
  • Wind Farm Modeling and Measurement Campaign
    • simulation capability for power production, power fluctuations, and loads; LiDAR experimental campaigns for wind farm performance diagnostic and model validation; wind resource characterization
  • Control Systems for Turbines and Farms
    • optimization of energy capture and load mitigation in wind turbines and farms; wind farm controls for wake management 
  • Energy Storage and Grid Integration
    • storage systems towards more reliable, efficient, dispatchable and grid-friendly wind energy systems