WindSTAR Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Facilities and laboratories include:
  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustics Systems Laboratory (UMass Lowell)
  • Advanced Composites Materials and Textile Research Laboratory (UMass Lowell)
  • Renewable Energy Laboratory (UMass Lowell)
  • Control Systems Laboratory (UTDallas)
  • Test Bed for Dynamic Visualization of Wind Farms (UTDallas)
  • Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Laboratory (UTDallas)
  • Security Analysis and Information Assurance Lab (UTDallas)
  • High Performance Computing (UTDallas and UMAss Lowell)
    • Massachusetts Green high Performance Computing Center
    • DOD
    • Idris U. of Southampton UK
  • Scanning Dopler wind LiDAR (UTDallas)
  • Atmosheric and Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (UTDallas and UMass Lowell)
  • Thermal Analysis Laboratory (UMass Lowell)
  • Campus Materials Characterization Laboratory (UMass Lowell)
  • Processing Laboratories (UMass Lowell)