Center for Women & Work

Leadership Team & CWW Associates

Leadership Team
CWW Associates

CWW Leadership Team

Meg A. Bond
Research topic:
Dynamics of gender, race and ethnicity in organizational and community settings

Mignon Duffy 
Department: Sociology
Research topic: Intersections of paid and unpaid care work with gender, race and class inequalities

Monica Galizzi
Research topic: Gender differences in labor market outcomes

Laura Punnett
Department: Work Environment
Research topic: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Role of working conditions in gender and socioeconomic health disparities 

Paula Rayman
Research topic: Social change, work and inequality, gender and science

CWW Associates

Deina Abdelkader 

Department: Political Science
Research topic: Women's rights post the "Arab Spring"; Islamic Governance and gender issues

Judith Davidson
Graduate School of Education
Research topic: Qualitative research; Gender, technology (sexting), and adolescence

Urmitapa Dutta
Department: Psychology
Research topic: Community-based approaches to conflict and peace building; understanting and addressing marginality; participatory action research; gender and conflict in Northeast India (South Asia)

Michelle Haynes
Research topic: Diversity in the workplace

MinJeon Kim
Department: Graduate School of Education
Research Topic: Narrative practices and literacy learning in families with young children – with a particular focus on needs of homeless women with young children

Sue Kim
Department: English
Research topic: Women, race, and work in contemporary Asian American literature

Sarah Kuhn 
Department: Psychology 
Research topic: Embodied cognition and pedagogy in higher education; Engaging underrepresented students in STEM education

Kimberly Merriman
Department: Management
Research topic: The efficacy and social impact of extrinsic motivators such as pay, and including the gender gap

Marlowe Miller   
Research topic: The representation of domestic space in the fiction of modernist women writers

Shana Minkin
Department: History
Research topic: Foreign death practices and rituals in 19th-century Egypt: Gendered death

Angela Nannini
Department: Nursing 
Research topic: A life course approach to women's health; Measures of maternal health

Melissa Schaefer Morabito
Department: School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Research topic: Women in policing, diversity in criminal justice organizations

Jana Sladkova 
Research topic: Impact of deportations on immigrant children; Life experiences of immigrant Latino children

Robin Toof
Co-Director, Center for Family, Work & Community and Director, Service-Learning and Community Co-op Resource Office
Research topic: Workplace diversity; University-community partnerships

Nellie Tran
Research topic: Subtle gender and racial biases within the educational settings

Jenifer Whitten-Woodring
Political Science
Research topic: The role of media in repression and dissent, including women's social, political and economic rights

Yi Yang
Research topic: Social networking & entrepreneur success