Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace

First International Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health

Oct. 6-8, 2014
Bethesda, Maryland

More than 500 scientists and practitioners from around the world will explore the developing research, practices, programs and policies that integrates protection and health promotion at the First International Symposium to Advance Total Worker HealthTM. CPH-NEW researchers are presenting the following research:

  1. Boakye-Dankwa E, Punnett L, Gore R, Kernan L, & ProCare Research Team (Oct 2014) Organizational features related to quality of worker and resident experience in nursing homes
  2. El Ghaziri M & Cherniack M (Oct 2014) A tale of two intervention approaches: Towards Total Worker Health™ within a correctional workforce
  3. Dugan A, Nobrega S, Champagne N, Gianino M, Henning R, & Punnett L. (Oct 2014) Measuring implementation predictors of a new healthy worksite participatory program
  4. Kurowski, A, Pransky G, & Punnett L (Oct 2014) Impact of safe resident handling programs in nursing homes on outcomes after work injury
  5. Lee J, Henning R, & Cherniak M. (Oct 2014) A Bayesian network approach for identifying key contributing factors to correction officer health and wellbeing
  6. Mignano C & Faghri P. (Oct 2014) Underreporting of stress and negative feelings among correctional employees
  7. Mignano C, Faghri P, HuedoMedina T, & Cherniack M (Oct 2014) Sleep quality, body weight and health behavior in employees at high stress jobs: Is there a connection?
  8. Namazi S, Warren N, Farr D, Dugan A, Dussetschleger J, Fortinsky R, Cherniack M & CPH-NEW Research Team (Oct 2014) Combined health protection and health promotion interventions addressing indoor air quality in corrections 
  9. Nobrega S, Robertson M, Kernan L, Plaku-Alakbarova B, Warren N, & Henning R. (Oct. 2014) Field tests of a program toolkit for participatory integrated health protection and health promotion
  10. Nobrega S & Robertson M (Oct 2014) Using the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program to implement a participatory, health protection, health promotion program in your organization (pre-symposium workshop)
  11. Petery, G, Davies-Schrils K, Graham L, Barnes-Farrell J, Warren N, Nobrega S, & Cherniack M (Oct 2014) Using the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard OHS Module for implementing a Total Worker Health™ program
  12. Zweber Z, Henning R, Magley V, & Faghri P. (Oct 2014) Evidence for the importance of organizational health climate in employee physical and mental health
  13. Zweber Z, Henning R, Magley V, & Faghri, P. Organizational health climate: relative contributions of work groups, supervisors and the organization to worker wellbeing

National Symposium on Corrections Worker Health

CPH-NEW researchers presented at this one-day symposium on July 15, 2014 at Portland State University, OR. The symposium featured regional and national researchers and practitioners in Corrections Worker Health and Total Workers Health™. For more information visit the symposium website.

Watch the presentations from the conference by clicking the links below or watch the full version here.

  1. Mitch Morrow Welcome and Introduction
  2. Margaret Kitt National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Keynote
  3. Marie Garcia National Institute of Justice Keynote
  4. Martin Cherniack Overview of Corrections Worker Health
  5. John Violanti Suicide and Stress in Correctional Workforce
  6. B Jean Meade & Oliver Wirth An Integrated Safety and Health Program for Correctional Workers
  7. Kerry Kuehl & Diane Elliot PHLAME: An example of a complete TWH intervention program from conception to RO
  8. Roundtable Discussion Summaries
  9. Closing Remarks

View past CPH-NEW presentations.