CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides and supports the Healthy Work Participatory Program. Its specific roles are as follows: 

At the start of the program, the Steering Committee:

  1. Collects baseline data on workplace health 
  2. Nominates non-managerial employees to serve on the Design Team 
  3. Informs the organization at large about the program (its status, goals and achievements) 

Throughout the program, the Steering Committee:

  1. Meets regularly to consider the Design Team's proposals on how to improve workplace health 
  2. Provides timely feedback on the proposals of the Design Team 
  3. Selects which of the Design Team's proposals to implement 
  4. Implements the Design Team's proposals by: 
    • Changing organizational policies 
    • Directing organizational resources towards implementation 
    • Where possible, involving the Design Team in the implementation process
  5. Regularly updates the organization at large on the program's status, goals and achievements 

After implementing a proposal, the Steering Committee: 

  1. Periodically evaluates the benefits and effectiveness of each implemented change