CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program

Identify and Train Facilitator

Training Video: Train Facilitator (9:00)

Identifying a Facilitator

The program facilitator is a key element of the participatory process. He or she supports the work of the Design Team, as well as enables communication between the Design Team and Steering Committee. 

Program Facilitator Job Description (pdf)

A facilitator may be recruited from among internal employees or hired as a consultant. There are benefits and drawbacks for each choice. Using a hired consultant may help assure neutrality. However, time will be needed for the consultant to learn the culture and establish relations with key stakeholders in the organization. An internal facilitator will be immediately knowledgeable about how the organization works, but may be perceived as an advocate for either the management or the labor force.

A good facilitator must demonstrate the following qualities: 

This program aims to catalyze grassroots employee participation. To that end, the design team should be empowered to identify and health and safety concerns and recommend interventions to address them. It is vital that the facilitator be impartial. He/she must not push his/her own ideas on the design team, or impose priorities upon the team. 

A key role of the facilitator is to enable smooth and productive communication between the design team and the steering committee. Therefore, the facilitator must be a strong communicator both orally and in writing, and possess tact as well as discretion. Project management The facilitator must be effective at project management, tracking progress, anticipating and dealing with obstacles.

Organizing Skills  
The facilitator should be detail-oriented and well organized, with a positive and professional demeanor.

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