CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program

Evaluate Your Program

Evaluation of the Healthy Work Participatory Program is crucial for assuring that the process is running effectively and that the people participating are engaged. Ongoing evaluation provides information about whether the the program is meeting the expectations of the members of the Design Team and the Steering Committee.  Identifying problems early is beneficial for making corrections as needed and staying on track. Evaluating the progress of the program can also provide a justification for future program investments.

What should be evaluated?  

Program process

  • How often are meetings held and are meetings well attended?
  • Is the Design Team progressing well from problem identification to intervention planning in a timely way?
  • Do the Design Team and the Steering Committee communicate and/or meet periodically to work together?
  • Is the Design Team recognized in the organization? 
  • Do employees speak to Design Team members about health and safety?

Program outcome (the extent to which objective are achieved)

  • Does the program effectively engage (and represent) line-level employees?
  • Does the Steering Committee provide resources to implement the intervention ideas developed by the Design Team?
  • Do the interventions developed address the workplace as well as employee lifestyle issues?
  • What are the short term and longer term impacts of the interventions that are implemented?

Evaluation Tools