Jim Silver

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Jim Silver, Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

Senior Research Associate
HSSB 423


Terrorism and criminal law, criminal procedure, psychopathy

Research Interest

After years practicing criminal law, Jim came to realize that the intersection of psychology, psychiatry, and illegal behavior is under-appreciated in our justice system. He is interested in analyzing the ways in which our legal system accounts for (or, fails to account for) issues as varied as our understanding of criminal responsibility, the effects of advances in neuroscience on evidentiary law and trials, and limitations on witness-perception.  Jim is currently conducting research comparing the development of lone-actor terrorists to mass-casualty offenders in the US.

Educational Background

JD from Harvard Law School

BA from the University of Notre Dame


Jim Silver is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  He is a former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who has tried cases and handled appeals on offenses spanning the gamut of illegal behavior from shoplifting to murder.  He recently co-authored the book Almost a Psychopath, published by Hazelden and Harvard Health Publications in 2012, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminology at UMass Lowell.