Advanced Electronic Technology Center

Past Seminars

Welcome to the AETC Past Seminar webpage. Here you will find abstracts of all seminar topics from Spring 2010. These seminars are about the novel research done by current and past students of AETC. If you find a particular topic of interest, then just click on its name to get more information it. Check out our current Seminars page to get details of new topics that are going to be presented in the current semester.

Spring 2011

  1. Hardware Software Co-design of a Resource Efficient Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architecture for High Throughput Media Processing Applications-Sohan Purohit (Ph.D. Thesis-Advisor Prof. M. Margala)
  2. Seminar 2 was cancelled
  3. Automatic Contactless Mobile Fingerprinting System - Mike Baier
  4. Novel Solar Powered Lawn Mower - Haritha Reddy
  5. Heterostructure p-i-n Solar Cell with High Efficiency - Anup Pillai
  6. Selective Photodetector with Resonant Tunneling - Scott Wilson
  7. Design of a motor driven by Photons on Si Wafer - Jorge Valenzuela
  8. Heterostructure p-i-n-i-p Solar Cell with Virtual Collector - Randy Kwende

Fall 2010

  1. Monte Carlo and Silvaco (Drift-Diffusion) Modeling Which Approach is Better? - Dr. I. Iñiguez-de-la-Torre
  2. IBM Model for a Smart Planet, How Engineers Are Contributing - Vishal Oliyil Kunnil
  3. Optimizing the Extraction of Flow Features through Parallel Processing - Sanping Li (Advisor Prof. Y. Luo)
  4. Whistler Wave Propagation in a Switched Time-Varying Medium: Accuracy of the FDTD Exponential-Time Stepping (ETS) Algorithm - S. Eker (Advisor Prof. D. Kalluri)
  5. Role of Test Engineer in Semiconductor Industry - Kemal Kulovic (Advisor Prof. M. Margala)
  6. Securing Network Communication Using Randomized Partial Contactless Fingerprints and Blood Vessels - KVishal Oliyil Kunnil (Advisor Prof. S. Mil'shtein)
  7. Breakdown Behavior and Optimization of AlGaAs / InGaAs pHEMTs - John Palma (Advisor Prof. S. Mil'shtein)

Spring 2010

  1. Engineering Time: How small events and simple behaviors CHANGE the futures of individuals, organizations,and earth-like planets - Dr. Neil Wasserman Timewave Analytics, LLC
  2. Processing and Recognition of Biometric Images - Anup Pillai (Doctoral Student)
  3. Development of Mobile Fingerprinting Systems for Law Enforcement Agencies - Michael Baier (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  4. Risk Management & Cyber Security - John Piper (Former Secret Service Agent, Seminar jointly held with Dept. of Criminal Justice)
  5. Intersubband Device Applications of Wide-Bandgap Nitride Semiconductors - Prof. Roberto Paiella Electrical Engineering Dept., Boston University
  6. Biomentrics Against Crime - Paula Bustos (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  7. Advanced Development Activities at MAXIM-IP Inc - Dr.Brian Brandt,Director, RF Division; Dr. Brett Miwa Director, VLSI Division 
  8. Applications of Graphene in Electronics and Optoelectronics - Kyle Twarowski