Radiation Safety

X-Ray Machines

Authorization to purchase, store, use or dispose of an x-ray machine must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Committee or the Radiation Safety Officer.  Certain instrumentation, machines, and devices (e.g., x-ray diffraction units, x-ray fluorescence systems, electron microscopes, etc.) may not be termed "x-ray machines" but, under certain conditions of operation, are capable of producing hazardous levels of x-radiation in the work area.  Such devices, while not subject to the specific authorization requirements of this guide in so far as purchase or possession are concerned, are subject to the guide requirements relevant to use.  Potential users of such devices are required to contact the Radiation Safety Office in order that appropriate surveys may be made and required protective action taken.

Procedures and conditions for operating an x-ray machine:

a.       The Authorized User must notify the Radiation Safety Office prior to initial use of the machine so that a radiation survey may be made under operating conditions.

b.       All personnel who use the x-ray machine must have adequate training in the proper use of the machine and be aware of the associated radiation hazards.

c.       Persons using the machine must wear assigned personnel monitoring devices.

d.       The Authorized User of the x-ray machine must notify the Radiation Safety Office of following situations:

  • A suspected exposure to radiation over administrative or regulatory limits, 
  • failure of a safety device related to machine operation or personnel safety, or 
  • Plans for making modifications of the x-ray machine.