Radiation Safety Office

Laser Safety

The Laser Safety Program is managed by the Radiation Safety Office and is here to ensure Laser Safety Compliance and provide assistance to the campus laser users.

Requirements for Laser Laboratories

Regarding laser use on campus, the below requirements must be satisfied for each lab. Detailed instructions for lab requirements can be found below. 

  • Submit Authorized User Permit Form (pdf)
  • Hazard Analysis; conducted by the LSO with information gathered about the laser and its environment.
  • Training: All users must complete the initial training and refresher every two years thereafter (training links below). 
  • Inventory: Complete the laser inventory record and submit to the LSO for hazard analysis. For less than 5 lasers, use the permit form above, if more than 5 use the inventory form (doc)
  • Proper Door Posting: Laser warning sign and safety guidelines (pdf) to be displayed on all doors (print on your own in color or obtain one from the LSO)
  • Standard Operating Procedures: specific to the laser, setup, and safeguards (Must be approved and Signed by the LSO, docs)

  • Alignment Procedures: must be approved and Signed by the LSO 
  • Required equipment list:  this is based on the hazard analysis of the laser in the environment so consult with the LSO for assistance. 
  • Inspection criteria (blank inspection form, (pdf), and guidelines for the inspection form (doc) 
  • Purchasing restrictions: The LSO shall be contacted if a new laser is bought, prior to its use. 
For detailed instruction on setting up a new lab please refer to the Laser requirements document (email LSO for a copy).

Steps to formalize your laser safety training:

New Users training
  1. Complete the basic laser safety training (below)
  2. Complete the laser safety quiz (below).  You must print or email the results to a member of the safety office
  3. Complete the laser worker authorization form (below). Have your authorized user, generally the lab's PI, sign your authorization form certifying you are ready to work in the lab and around the laser (this does not give you the OK to use the laser, that is granted when the lab staff and the primary investigator deems you fit). Print out or email the form to a member of the safety office for recording purposes 

Refresher training 

  1. Complete the refresher laser safety training (below)
  2. Complete the laser safety quiz (below).  You must print or email the results to a member of the safety office

Laser Safety Training

Lessons Description
Initial Laser Initial laser safety training for the new user
Laser Refresher Refresher training for the current laser user
Laser safety quiz Take the quiz, print out the results, and bring with you to the safety office

Required Laser safety training records:

Onsite records

Several documents must be maintained within the lab to ensure laser safety compliance

  • Completed and signed authorized user permit form (Link Above)
  • Proof of laser safety training and lab safety training (Link Above)
  • Lab specific emergency contact information
  • specific Standard Operating Procedure (s) (examples above)
  • specific Alignment Procedure (s)