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Jay Noble

Jay Noble, Finance and Entrepreneurship

“I'm a more valuable adviser to my clients because of the rigorous financial training I received at UMass Lowell.”

A transfer from Plymouth State University, UMass Lowell graduate Jay Noble worked his way through college. As a real estate agent, the finance program at UMass Lowell appealed to him for its close proximity to home and the ability it provided him to keep working. “The Manning School of Business's motto that this is ‘the business school that works’ was really fitting for me,” he says. “I found a lot of my peers worked full-time too.”

Noble cites his many group presentations as delivering the most practical lessons. “When you’re working as a team, there are a lot of other factors you have to consider such as other people’s work styles and schedules, just like in the business world,” he says. “The presentations have also gotten me really comfortable with speaking in front of large groups.” 

The entrepreneurship concentration helped prepare him to manage highly stressful situations that come along with being in sales and "doing your own thing." Noble particularly enjoyed the managing innovation course, because it provided hands-on experience in researching emerging technology concepts and creating innovative conceptual products.

In addition to the classroom experience, Noble has also been impressed with the university’s strong ties to local industry and the engineering sector. He credits those connections with opening doors and presenting great opportunities.  

In an effort to expand his contacts, he founded the UMass Lowell Entrepreneurial Ventures Association, where members attend networking events in the community and host them on campus.

Noble works full-time as a real estate agent. “I think I’m a more valuable adviser to my clients because of the rigorous financial training I received at UMass Lowell,” he says.