Jonathan Huang

Jonathan Huang, Economics

Orientation Leader


Orientation & Transfer Admissions

Educational Background

John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science
Anticipated Year of UMass Lowell Graduation: 2014


Why did you choose UMass Lowell? 
I chose to come to UMass Lowell because I have been told great and many things about it. They were not wrong. I have truly enjoyed my time here at UMass Lowell. 

What is your favorite thing about UMass Lowell? 
I enjoy meeting the people here at UMass Lowell. Whether it be the professors or fellow students. The people here are very friendly and very helpful.

What is your ideal Saturday? 
My ideal Saturday would be to wake up in the late afternoon, get some brunch and hang out with some friends. Maybe watch a late night movie.

Home Town: Quincy, MA