Students Try New Sport: ‘Recyclemania’

Contest among Colleges and Universities Promotes Recycling

Contest among Colleges and Universities Promotes Recycling

By Jill Gambon

UMass Lowell has joined colleges and universities from across the United States and Canada in a contest called “Recyclemania,” which aims to encourage recycling efforts and reduce the amount of solid waste generated on campus. During the eight-week program, participants will benchmark themselves against other schools in different categories, such as paper, food service and electronics recycling.

This is the first time UMass Lowell has entered the competition.

“Our participation in this program is another example of the University’s deep commitment to sustainability,” says Richard Lemoine, director of environmental and emergency management.

As part of the RecycleMania challenge, UMass Lowell will benchmark its food service wastes and electronics recycling against other schools. In March, electronics recycling events are planned during which students, faculty and staff can drop off old computers, televisions, fax machines and other items.