Honors College Approved for UMass Lowell

Change Will Bring More Resources, Opportunities for High-Achieving Students

Change Will Bring More Resources, Opportunities for High-Achieving Students

A living-learning community in the new University Suites residence hall provides honors students with dedicated space for studying, collaborating and socializing.


A newly approved Honors College at UMass Lowell will bring expanded resources, new courses, more co-ops in business and expanded service-learning projects around the world. 

While UMass Lowell has offered an honors program for nearly two decades, the approval by the UMass Board of Trustees recently to establish an Honors College ramps up the opportunities for high-achieving students. 

The Honors College will provide dedicated space in UMass Lowell’s new $95 million student center at University Crossing, which will open for the fall 2014 semester, and a “Personal Librarian Project” that will assign a librarian to every junior and senior in the College to amplify the one-on-one attention students receive as they research and write their honors theses. 

UMass Lowell has already taken several steps to prepare for the establishment of the Honors College, including specialized housing and living-learning communities for honors students; new research and service-learning co-ops for top first-year students; and expanded academic requirements and offerings such as interdisciplinary courses designed to teach students to use knowledge of more than one subject area to tackle important issues. 

Aspects of the existing honors program that have been a hallmark of its success—such as small, seminar-style classes tailored to foster academic excellence and personalized advising to meet students’ individual needs and interests—will continue as part of the Honors College. More opportunities to engage in creative projects with one or more faculty members within or beyond a student’s major will also be added. 

“By raising our program to Honors College status, we are investing in the educational opportunities of academically talented students who are already on our campus as well as those who will study here in the years to come,” says Chancellor Marty Meehan. 

“As enrollment at UMass Lowell has grown over the last six years, we have seen the academic qualifications of our students become even more impressive. By offering an honors college, we expect more of the best and brightest to choose our campus.”