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Welcome to the Manning School of Business!

As a proud alumnus (1998), the Manning School of Business (MSB) was instrumental in my professional development and success. Since I was a student, the college has continued to grow and expand programs. We now have over 2,000 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students – we are one of the largest business schools in New England. Yet it’s not our size alone that differentiates us, I believe there are several factors that distinguish us from other business schools.

Unwavering commitment to our students

From our world class faculty to our dedicated staff, everyone at MSB knows that our core mission is to help our students succeed. This is reflected in every aspect of our day-to-day activities. First, the dean's office has an open door policy - students are always welcome to stop by and talk with anyone on the staff about issues, concerns or ideas for improvement. Second, we have built a curriculum that ensures post graduate success at all levels. We want undergraduate students to have the skills to be successful as they begin their careers, and at the graduate level we provide the insight for working professionals to realize their career goals. Third, our faculty are dedicated to our students. In the classroom, we pride ourselves on small class size with an average faculty to student ratio below 20. Outside of the classroom our faculty spend countless hours with our students on a one-to-one basis. Our faculty build lifelong relationships with our students, guiding them and mentoring them throughout their careers.  Finally, we believe in a "balanced student" approach. We recognize that a great deal of what shapes a young individual happens outside the classroom. To this point, we have a strong co-op program, numerous club opportunities, service and experiential learning programs, as well as study abroad courses.

Focus on innovation and entrepreneurship

Unlike other colleges where innovation and entrepreneurship are buzz words, UMass Lowell “does innovation and entrepreneurship” through our programs, courses, activities and clubs. We encourage students to get involved with starting new ventures - we think that entrepreneurship should be central to learning - it builds critical thinking skills, teamwork capabilities and a strong ability to think out of the box. For example, our students get their hands dirty through programs like the DifferenceMakers program, which helps students start new businesses and organizations. We also work closely with the engineering and health and social sciences colleges, as well as industry partners such as Raytheon, MFS and Putnam Investments. The partnerships drive us to be innovative and relevant to real world problems and challenges.

Strong return on investment

Undoubtedly, you are evaluating other universities. Yet, as college costs spiral out of control, the notion of return on investment takes center stage. UMass Lowell offers one of the highest returns on investment in the country. From Forbes magazine - which rates the university a top ten return on investment to Payscale.com, which rates UMass Lowell as the 16th best public university for return on investment - UMass Lowell is nationally renowned as a great education at a great value. The Manning School of Business plays a prominent role in these rankings with several of our degrees represented, such as accounting and finance.
If you are a student considering the Manning School of Business, and have any questions, please give me a call or shoot me an email. I am happy to meet with any prospective student (or parent for that matter!).  
Best regards,
Scott Latham '98 
Phone: 978-934-2832

The Robert J. Manning School of Business