Assurance of Learning Center

Master of Science in Accounting Goals

The faculty voted to approve the following learning goals for the Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) program. Our MSA students will graduate with:

1. Knowledge of accounting’s impact on business:

Learning Objectives:  
Students will demonstrate their abilities to apply and integrate accounting knowledge to analyze real world financial statements. Students will develop skills for analyzing and evaluating the effects of accounting policies and choices on financial statements as well as users of accounting information.

2.  A mastery of major accounting concepts and their application in real-world problems:

Learning Objectives:
Students will demonstrate an understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and U.S. financial accounting standards (e.g., U.S. GAAP) Students will demonstrate an understanding and be able to identify pros and cons of converging IFRS and U.S. GAAP.

3. Develop strong quantitative skills to analyze and process business accounting information:

Learning Objectives:
Students will use appropriate analytical techniques to identify a business problem, generate and compare alternatives, and develop a solution. Students will recognize and analyze ethical problems, choose, and defend a solution.

4. Achieve proficiency in accounting research and effective communication of results:

Learning Objectives: 
Students will produce professional quality position papers. Students will deliver professional quality presentations accompanied