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MBA Mission Statement & Learning Goals

The Robert J. Manning School of Business Mission Statement was approved by college-wide faculty as of March 2009:

The Robert J. Manning School of Business prepares students for professional business careers in a global environment while serving as a hub of industry partnerships fostering regional economic development through education, research and outreach activities.

On May 15, 2009, the faculty voted to approve the following learning goals for the MBA program. 

1. Analytical Skills: 

GOAL: Our graduates shall apply business analysis, data management and diagnostic problem-solving skills in order to support management decision-making.


Students will make data-driven decisions demonstrating the ability to:

  • Identify alternatives
  • Identify the criteria for assessing alternatives
  • Apply criteria to alternatives
  • Evaluate results

2. Team Leadership & Membership: 

GOAL: Our graduates shall have team leadership and membership skills needed for implementing and coordinating organizational activities and managing change.


Leadership skills are defined as:

  • Identifying goals and directs followers toward them
  • Providing the necessary information and resources to the team
  • Clarifying performance expectations and time frames
  • Empowering g others by encouraging dissent
Team membership skills are defined as:

  • Identifying and recommends a change requirement to other team members
  • Openly questioning and listening to other team members to achieve consensus on the required change
  • Collaboratively developing and assessing multiple alternatives for achieving the change
  • Interactively developing an action plan for implementing the change

3. Global Perspective and Awareness:

GOAL: Our graduates shall have an understanding of how global competitive environments are changing business practice.



4. Strategic Planning and Implementation Skills:

GOAL: Our students shall have the ability to plan and implement business strategies and manage organizational change


  • Demonstrating the ability to integrate knowledge from various business disciplines to effectively develop BUSINESS strategies.
  • Demonstrating the ability to understand and apply management techniques that effectively facilitate organization change.
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