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UMass Lowell students view some of the 70 posters designed by fellow students encouraging workers to join the Bread and Roses strike.  The  posters were part of an event, co-sponsored by the Labor Education Program and Work, Labor and Society minor, that invited author Ardis Cameron to Lowell to discuss her book “Radicals of the Worst Sort,” as part of the Bread and Roses Centennial celebration.
New Lynn Coalition members from the North Shore area share their family’s economic history as part of a workshop led by Labor Education Program Director Susan Winning.
Volunteers with the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council give out balloons and free raffle tickets at the 2012 Bread and Roses Heritage festival.  The lucky winner received the bike on display.
North Shore Labor Council organizer Aliza Levine and New Lynn Coalition President Maria Carrasco engage in discussion with members of the Domestic Workers Alliance at the 2012 Women’s Institute for Leadership Development WILD Summer Institute.
Work Labor & Society students view the results of their service-learning project doing research on the Lowell Textile Strike of 1912. Students developed visual presentation of their work, which were displayed at the Bread and Rose event at the Boott Mill in Lowell in spring 2012. Posters are on permanent display at the Tsongas Industrial History Center. 


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Interdisciplinary Minor

The Labor Education Program is a proud partner in the Work, Labor and Society interdisciplinary minor. Students in the minor program benefit from a unique collaboration with the Labor Education Program, which provides a “real world” connection through service-learning, practicum opportunities, collaborative teaching and guest speakers.

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