Security Studies

Fall 2015 Course Offerings

On-Campus Courses

  • Contemporary Security Studies (Description)
  • Seminar in Terrorism Studies (Description)
  • Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies (Description)
  • Research Design (Description)
  • Capstone Research Paper (independent study) (Description)
  • Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (Description)
  • Inspection and Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure  (Description)
  • Introduction to Biosensors (Description)
  • Politics and Economics of Public Policy (Description)
  • Independent Directed Study (contact the program director for details)
The following courses require an undergraduate degree in Information Technology or Computer Science, or comparable professional experience

Online Courses

The following Fall 2014 online courses are offered within the MS in Information Technology program, and can be used to fulfill requirements in the Cybersecurity concentration of the MS in Security Studies program. Enrollment in these courses requires an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or comparable academic or professional background.

For the latest course descriptions and more information, please consult the UMass Lowell online Catalog.