Master of Arts

International Security

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Core Courses

Electives (Choose 5 from the Following)

  • Advanced Security Studies (on campus)
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism (on campus) or (online)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (on campus) or (online)
  • Global Trafficking and Criminal Networks (on campus) or (online)
  • Advanced Seminar on Terrorist Networks (on campus)
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (on campus) or (online)
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management (on campus)
  • Global Issues and Human Rights and Justice (on campus)
  • Developing Economies (on campus)
  • Issues in Computer Crime and Cyber Security (on campus) or (online)
  • Politics and Economics of Public Policy (on campus
  • International Perspectives on Crime and Justice (GLS)
  • Comparative Criminal Justice (GLS)
  • Environmental and Energy Security (To be developed and offered AY 2015-16)
  • The U.S. Defense Industry (To be developed and offered AY2015-16)

* Indicates a version of this course may be offered by the UMass Lowell Division of Online and Continuing Education, either online or on campus.

(GLS) indicates courses offered within the Global Studies interdisciplinary graduate program

Other graduate-level electives taken at UMass Lowell or at other campuses of the University of Massachusetts may also count toward the 5 electives, based on approval of the Program Director and Graduate Faculty Group.