Current Projects

TitleDescription of ProjectStatus
Beat Link Beat Link is device for gym lovers. The device helps the person in achieving desired pace of their workout. Open
Hands Lighting This paper explains how one can shine his hands with LEDs as an entertainment or developing this idea for future uses. Full
Incubator Initiative The incubator initiative seeks to design, build, and implement low cost, sustainable incubators in Les Cayes, Haiti. Open
KEnDERS Body Armor Advanced athletic equipment utilizing shear thickening fluids. Full
Kinect Ninja A game that keeps players active and healthy. We plan on using the technology and data we collect to help stroke victims. Open
Netlane Transit OD Device capable of collecting data of public transit systems (i.e. volume, origin and destination of passegers) using wi-fi in order to improve service Full
NEVER WALK ALONE This is the application for persons security when he/she travelling alone from insecure place. Full
Slope Buddies Slope Buddies will be an online community for skiers and snowboarders to meet new people, connect and plan trips to the mountains. Open
The Wish Well "The Wish List" To help create a registrar utilizing smart phone technologies such as camera, scan, and data input. Open