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@That @That is an app concept where college students can find campus and community events that inspire a greater social and health campus environment. Full
Achieve The Imaginable A product that allows people to reprogram their mind to become their best self by using techniquesto leave their comfort zone and reprogram their mind Full
AIO We are developing a medical device that works with a cell phone and app. The device has a thermometer and heart beat sensor. Full
Auto Desk The Auto Desk is a device designed with thre main functions: To elevate, fold and unfold the surface tray to the users need by a switch or voice cmd. Open
AutoCredit A hybrid credit card and debit card that allows consumers to build credit without having frozen funds or banks taking on any risk. Full
Automatic indoor composter automatic indoor composter made with materials obtained sustainably to help unnecessary items going to landfills and making dirt for gardens at home Open
Beat Link It is a device that change music with your heartbeat. Open
BioBubbler This project hopes to implement an indigenous biosand filtration system into households around Haiti to improve the quality of drinking water. Full
Bringrr™ - Helping You Keep Track of What Matters Most Bringrr™ reminds you to bring your most important things before you drive away and helps you find them if they are misplaced or lost. Open
BusinessConnect A website that will allow people to seek partners for their current business or to purchase an existing business. Open
Campus Community Shop The Campus Community Shop is a centrally located resource for students of low-income or those in need of assistance. Open
Care To Repair Care to Repair is an app/website that will allow people to stop paying contractors for repairs and teach them to fix their own cars and homes instead. Full
Chat UML A non-profit that will reach those in need of emotional help through the web & app. We hope to assist people before their situation becomes a crisis. Open
Chemical Regenerative Heat Capacitor The aim of the project is to create a compact, self-contained and regenerative system that can store heat energy chemically for use at a desired time. Open
Crossing Borders Speech recognition software combined with text translator for Skype Open
DCM App Not sure what to name - an app used by parents of children in daycares & the daycare itself. Daily Sheets and more. Open
defcom1 This is a company that is looking to create an image, business, and most importantly a culture. We are creating and producing various types of music Full
Designing a Novel System for Educating Intelligent, Capable Graduates for the Future Our education system is broken, pre-K through college. We aim to fix it, by utilizing multi-faceted research and developing a system that works. Open
DreamLink DreamLink (previously DreamShare) is a web platform allowing users to share, discuss, and learn about their dreams. Open
eWaiter A mobile app improves dining experience and services in restaurant. Features include online menu, mobile ordering and payment, customers review. Full
Fresh Beets Fresh Beets is a food truck and music venue based out of Lowell, MA that unites music, food, education and revelry into one vehicle of change. Full
Friends in Need Create a nonprofit organization that will create backpacks for people in need (ie homeless, DCF, group homes) Open
GiveN'Take GiveN'Take is a community wide online network for sharing goods and services. Open
GPS Car HUD We will be creating an Android app that displays GPS information by projecting it onto a car's windshield. Full
Hawk Drop Hawk drop is a grubhub like delivery service for UMass Lowell, delivery to campus from restaurants that do not currently deliver Open
High School MOOCs Allow students who need more attention to get it by putting average level students in a MOOC. Open
Hole in the Wall Helping small businesses in outerskirts city find recognition and economic stimulation through personal, data collecting, and computer science Open
iArm The iArm is a concept integrating retinal scanning technology into a full arm, shoulder to fingertips, prosthetic. Open
Innovative Education An open source project to increase K-12 participation in STEM fields. Open
iVVT: infinitely variable valve timing Developing a novel soltuion for replacing camshsfts in car engines with electro-mechanical actuators Open
Kicking Out Child Abuse A soccer tournament to benefit Child Abuse Survivors and to promote Awareness. Open
LITUE LITUE or Life Is The Ultimate Experience is an online community where people from all over the world share their life stories to inspire others! Open
Lowell High school M2D2 project This is the Lowell High school M2D2 team. The students will be making a phone case that will include a few medical devices. Full
Lowell Museum of Science Help find what it takes to start a museum of science or children's museum in Lowell Open
Mill City Co-Op Market Selling surplus grocery and household items at a discounted rate, as well as providing useful services, to low income families of the Lowell community Open
Movable Artisans Festival This movable artisans festival would showcase any and all local artists and arts organizations. There would also be a website to showcase artists. Open
Mr. Meds Mr. Meds is a mobile robot used in a hospital pharmacy for medication organization, scheduling, and distribution Full
Music Notion: Interactive/Integrated Curriculum An integrated curriculum to heal the disjoint between the arts and sciences, and make Music Education relevant to the ever-evolving world. Full
MyUtilities Mobile app to track/report usage, search, rate, compare, promote conservation, a home/business owner’s utilities (Water, Heat, Electricity, Car). Full
Neomissions Neomissions is a car exhaust filter system. It is a device that attaches to the end of tail pipes and reduces some of the bad emmissions. Open
Nerdonyx Nerdonyx is a place where theory meets application. We are trying to encourage anyone who wants to be an engineer to pursure their dream. Full
Noula Haiti This project is to provide aid in a whole new way . We focus on the allocation of aids from any form or place with the help of a call center. Open
NovelNutrition we want to create an app for people with metabolic disorders that allows them to search which foods are healthiest for them and where to find them Open
Packs for People A nonprofit organization that makes back packs full of hygiene supplies and clean clothes for people in need. Open
Pair-It An app/device that allows for speech-to-text translation; storage & retrieval of lectures, translate back & forth with sound and text at will Open
Play ball We will create a website and application to facilitate the "pick up sport" community Open
Player 1 A program teaching men how to tap into their best self, get clear on their life purpose, and reprogram their mind with beliefs that serve them Open
Positive Psychology and It's Role in the Community Give presentations on role/concept of positive psychology at local school, businesses, and healthcare centers. Collect data/analyze it/report results. Full
Prevention's Possible Our mission is to use creative mediums and personal experience to reach todays youth with the expectation that WE CAN prevent tragic outcomes! Open
Pure Design A low tech, maintenance, and cost solution to the potable water crisis. Open
Rate My Notes Rate My Notes is a website that will allow students to share notes with others' taking the same subject and comment. Open
Ringrr Landline type telephone products that can be used in the home to augment and support cell phone users Open
Rooftop Gardens Last years rooftop garden proposal never went through. This was my original idea for a project, and since it hasn't been done, lets make it happen! Open
S.imulated A.ction T.esting Creating a gaming option for S.A.T. testing for students who have testing anxiety Open
Safety On the Streets (SOS) SOS is a concealable pin that can be attached to anything. When pushed three times GPS signal and warning sends to police. Proactive not Reactive. Open
SanCloud With this service, users can keep the privacy of their information and also store, manage and share their lives using cloud storage services. Full
Save the Soul American Music and Arts Festival This movable festival would showcase any and all local artists and arts organizations. There would also be a website to showcase artists. Open
Snow melter I want to make a snow melter, similar looking as a snow blower, but which would melt the snow and minimize the problem of snow accumulation. Full
Social News Shows you real time social media feed depending on the niche. Full
Speech-to-Text Translator An app that allows students & teachers to speak into it and have the translation arrive on-screen, allowing for storage & retrieval of lectures. Open
Sprout “Sprout” is an heirloom seed starting kit that addresses the delicate process of starting seeds indoors and how to ready them for outdoor planting. Open
Street Smart Brand Street Smart Brand is a fashion statement powered by Bringrr technology to bring the world clothing and apparel that cannot be lost. Open
StreetSafe An app that helps college students find safe routes to run or walk in urban areas surrounding schools. Open
Study/Project Buddy App An cell-based minimalistic social network. Uses Location, interests, and shared classes to connect users to work on projects. Open
Tank Dis-arm (Name Work in Progress) Developing a new ammunition to disarm tanks, armored vehicles, and other obstructions to soldiers. Open
TBD We are building an API that integrates to any mobile or stand alone POS system to route electronic receipts through a customers bank. Open
Teaching High Schoolers Real World Skills Innovative program/app needed in the local school system, teaching high school students real world skills to prepare them for life after graduation. Full
Team Acceptance Creating an App to teach awareness and acceptance of diversity and disabilities to students in elementary school Open
Termagen Termagen is a waste heat recovery solutions company that has innovated the heat recovery mechanism known as the organ rankine cycle. Full
Tipr The first social networking system that allows users to get paid for their word of mouth references of businesses. Open
Treehouse A website & application that connects friends with plans, events, and small businesses nearby Full
Tunerite The Tunerite will be an auto tuner for string instruments that will fit onto the instrument and robotically tune the strings. Full
TutorTrack App makes it easy for tutors to track, add, and edit their time slots and for students to subscribe.The students can book time notifying the tutor. Open
uDu-Mobile App Platform This project involves building a mobile app platform empire starting with specific entertainment vendors. Open
Ultimate Ninja on kinect To develop a version of the popular party game of ultimate ninja (aka ninja), for the xbox 1's kinect. Open
UMap University map app that connects students with directions, real time bus arrivals, zipcar reservations & push notifications when classes are cancelled Open
University Apps University Apps is a software solution that aims to provide college students with a fully integrated guide to their school campuses. Full
Where Does It Hurt? Visual search engine. Allows users to pinpoint any medical issue on their body by clicking on body part, which will link to possible causes & remedies Open
Wind For the Developing World The goal of Wind for the Developing World is to design and manufacture low cost wind turbines for people of the developing world. Developing countries Full